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Fight The Power

The reality in Florida exposes the worldwide response to the novel coronavirus for what it is: An exercise in oppression. A precious opportunity for governments to see just how far their tentacles can intrude into peoples’ daily lives. An excuse to grant governments across the world extraordinary, emergency powers that, once granted, will become normal and then permanent. It’s an excuse—that’s all it is. A phony pretext for everything the government wanted to do anyway. 

Dan Gelernter (American Greatness)


Rumble is a burgeoning video platform alternative to YouTube, which is gaining popularity among conservatives – having experienced escalating censorship in recent years via liberal social media.

Rumble will never censor civil discourse, opinion, or act like the arbiters of truth.

CEO, Chris Pavlovski

Rumble is a platform that is committed to free speech, and stands diametrically opposed to big tech monopolies censorship and policing.

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii)

The goal is to forge independent spaces to liberate journalists and other content creators from the tyranny of Big Tech. Many writers, from across the political spectrum, have been censored or excluded from mainstream platforms and Rumble gives these voices a chance to express themselves without having to worry about baseless attacks by the government or other self-appointed gatekeepers.

Glenn Greenwald